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Our Story

...when people, places, and things come together in their unique form to create something that works seamlessly and effortlessly; that's Ana definition of HARMONY and that is what she set out to create when she opened The Salon in 2022. Ana successfully succeeded and created a  harmonious environment to create HEALTHY hair in a welcoming, cozy environment for our clients and our stylist. We care about the integrity of your hair and your well being, we are honored to have you in our chair, thank you.

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Our Mission

We create beautiful, healthy, radiant hair for men and women by using non-toxic chemicals and only using luxurious haircare lines that repairs our hairs integrity so that our clients can leave feeling like the best versions of themselves. 

Our Craft

At The Salon, our Stylists prioritize the integrity and health of our client's hair above all else. We are committed to our growth and our craft, personally and spiritually. We know that by taking care of ourselves, our highest authenticity and potential emerges which empowers us to best serve all our clients hair needs.

Our Salon

The Salon is a relaxing, harmonious co-working boutique salon. We provide a peaceful and invigorating experiences for all guests and one another.


We value the stylist and client's health by using non-toxic chemicals and luxury haircare with luxury ingredients that reverses signs of damage.

Salon Tour

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