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New protocol and safety measures in place due to COVID-19

Updated: May 16, 2020

These are weird times and all we can do is stay positive and stay healthy by doing the best and most we can. Below are some measures I am taking to maintain the salons clean and keep each other safe.

What to expect when coming back in salon:

  • Longer time between appointments : This will ensure enough time to sanitize chair, equipment, and apply air disinfectant

  • A clean cape will be used on each client (no reusing capes)

  • UV light will sanitize all counter pace as well equipment

  • Hair tools an clippers will be cleansed in Barbicide after each use

  • Counter-spaces and chair will be Clorox wiped before and after each client

  • I will be utilizing a mask, gloves and face shield

  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available

  • Air purifier will be running at all times

Because of these changes and longer appointment times, prices will be affected. Please see prices and communicate with me before booking. Time is of essence and so a deposit will be required for any service 1 hour or longer.

What I need from you:

  • All clients must wear a mask at ALL times (no exceptions)

  • Bring gloves for your own safety and peace of mind

  • No food or drinks allowed in studios

  • No visitors during appointments. You must come alone to your appointment

  • Refrain from bringing in too many things

  • Please sign waiver before your service to ensure you understand risks during these times ( I will provide that in-salon)

Like I said, these are weird times but if we work together I am confident we will get through this! Thank you so much in advance for your adherence to these policies. Can't wait to see you soon and transform your quarantine hair!

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